Art and the City

A Column by Jim Magner for the Hill Rag, Washington, DC

I have been writing this column since March of 2002. So, I am on the inside of my 20th year. You know what?… writing about art is not the road to riches—I do it because I can talk to artists about their work. They want someone to ask and care…really care. And I do. It is always a conversation, not an interview. A conversation about art can scale the walls of wonder and lift us to a suspended place—an ageless human space—within the currents of timelessness. The richest place I know.

I post my monthly column on my Facebook page: Magner’s Art and the City, where it also connects to the Hill Rag website. I invite you to “like” the work of the artist, make comments, and read the comments of others.

I will soon begin to review “Artist Profiles” and my “Thoughts on Art” from previous years, starting in 2002. There will be a link to that page.