The Hill Rag

I have been writing this column for the Hill Rag, Capitol Hill, DC, for almost 18 years.

For a long time I used Facebook to simply store the profiles and my “thoughts about art.” Others who discovered the page were welcomed to make a comment. But then it occurred to me —a sudden unprovoked attack of genius—that the artists I have been profiling are wonderful and deserve a wide audience. National. International.

So, I decided to expand the membership to all who have an interest in art. My column is posted online at the Hill Rag website. I link each profile to the website. It is not exactly the same as it appears in the printed paper–there, art director, and artist, Jason Yen gives each artist, and images of their art, a terrific two-page layout. Still, the website provides the column’s text and images. You are welcomed to read, share and comment.

The Hill Rag is a rather humble monthly publication on Capitol Hill (Washington DC). It’s a small town paper full of the happenings and interests of small town America. Despite a resident flock of influential readers, it is not about influence. It’s about art, books, music, movies, theater, restaurants, gardens, pets…and of course, homes.

People love it.

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